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Ignomagine implements Access Control at Indian Army

Introducing Igncop Dragon - the Automatic Motorized Tire Killer machine at Indian Army Stores in Bangalore!

Ignomagine is proud to announce that we have successfully implemented access control at the entry-exit gates of the Indian Army Stores in Bangalore. This state-of-the-art technology is designed to provide an added layer of security for the Indian Army Premises, by effectively preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering.

Ignocop Dragon is a highly advanced piece of equipment that uses a set of retractable spikes to puncture the tires of vehicles that do not have authorized access to the Indian Army Stores. The machine is operated automatically, and is triggered by sensors that detect the presence of unauthorized vehicles.

Watch Ignocop Dragon in action at Indian Army Stores, Bangalore.

In addition to providing added security for the Indian Army, Ignocop Dragon also helps to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion at the Indian Army Stores. This is possible with the warning message provided by the reflective lines, red colored spikes and the added hump. Vehicles are bound to slow down and show their entry passes and follow other procedures as applicable as per the Army guidelines. This also minimizes the chances of accidents as out of control vehicles will not only get their tires punctured but also they will come to a stop due to the immense resistance the Ignocop Dragon provides.

Manufacturing Process

At Ignomagine, we are committed to producing high-quality products that meet the needs of our clients. Our Ignocop Dragon is manufactured in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore, using local raw materials, state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Our manufacturing process involves CNC machining, fabrication and welding and powder coating, motor interfacing, electrical wire harnessing, electronics control unit design & assembly.

We take pride in our commitment to producing high-quality products with shorter manufacturing time even though we add innovative features based on our client's requirement. We are confident that our clients will be satisfied with the quality and performance of our product.

Keep innovating, keep Ignoimagining!

Jai Hind!

Thank you,

The Ignomagine Team

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