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Our Services

We Offer Custom Solutions to Help you Grow

Industrial Automation

We provide innovative solutions to the complex problems our customer face in their business processes. Our research team analyses the problem statement and develops unique mechatronics system to solve it. Automation ensures repeatability of tasks with accuracy and therefore, helps in achieving higher throughput. Ignomagine has developed automation solution across many industries.

Industrial Automation

PCB Prototyping

Ignomagine has undertaken the task of making your devices smart, by equipping them with technology to connect with each other and to the internet. We help you collect data, process them, act on them and perform predictive analysis which can help you and your businesses grow. We provide services involving Circuit and Board design for PCBs as well as prototyping up to 2 layers.

PCB Prototyping

FOUNTEC Workshop

Robots are no-longer objects of sci-fi. They can be found in people's homes Cleaning Floor or Cooking Food. Robotics is an interdisciplinary science where one learns about not only Electronics & Mechanical systems but also Coding. It encourages people to innovate and think critically. Sadly, it is not a common subject of study either in school, colleges or even at workplace. Ignomagine has identified this gap and has developed Foundation Technology courses for students and professionals.

Workshop in Progress
FOUNTEC Workshop

Our Clients are from Diverse Industry Backgrounds

Ship Breaking Yards

India has one of the largest Ship Breaking Yards in the world. It involves Gas - Cutting of the Vessel at the shore to break into smaller parts which can be further recycled. These yards are prone to Catching Fire and explosions. Ignomagine provides highly custom Automatic Fire-Fighting System and Security System to these yards.


We provide PCB Services for Your Systems 

Circuit Design

Electronics Circuit Design involves clear understanding of the system functionality and performance requirements. It includes choosing the right Active & Passive components and connecting them correctly to achieve the desired output. Ignomagine brings to you extensive Electronics Engineering skills so that we can provide the best solution for your product.


Our Training takes your Career to new Heights

Training for Professionals

If you are working in the Semiconductor or Consumer Electronics Industry or someone who wants to work in these industries, then Ignomagine can provide you  Training to excel in your aspirations.

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